Ithaca Street Partners is a collaboration of senior independent communications strategy experts. Collectively, we have over 75 years of communications strategy experience serving corporate, nonprofit and government clients in a number of sectors and countries.


Provide strategic communications counsel and access to value-added influence.


  • We are all unique. We are all different.
  • Each individual and organization has a story worth telling.
  • Problem is – everyone wants his or her unique story to be heard.
  • Ithaca Street Partners helps you rise above of the cacophony.

Scope of Services

Strategic communications counsel — including but not limited to — CEO leadership and Executive communications, crisis, issues and reputation management, thought leadership, optimizing global and local communications systems, diversity and inclusion approaches. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy and investment advisory, community and influencer strategy development, engagement and execution, social media strategy development.

Examples of Client Work

• Developed national thought leadership program around economic growth, entrepreneurship and empowerment focused on Latino contributions to the US economy and society for a Big-4 professional services firm

• Developed a CEO-led executive roundtable program in 5 cities for one of the nation’s leading non-profits emphasizing STEM leadership in education and labor force readiness

• Promote the ‘Latinx Davos’ nationally to highlight the power and potential of the youngest and fastest growing demographic in America. http://www.lattitude.net

• Create corporate messaging and CEO visibility program for an investment fund aggregator

• Create messaging, reputation management and visibility program for a former Goldman Sachs investment banker

• Develop award winning communications program that lead to a Japanese client being recognized as Asian Businessman of the Year in FORTUNE magazine for his work in China.

• Assisted the Minister of Finance of a landlocked Asian country to establish a partnership with and bring the World Economic Forum (WEF) to his country

• Helped create tourism brand for Government of Japan – Japan: Endless Discovery




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