So you want to help? you want info and you want to remember? Japan Earthquake related resources

A Twitter-sourced charity book – 

 Chief Cabinet Secretary’s daily press conferences (transcript) –

Daily briefings for foreign press corps (video, transcript, information papers) –

TEPCO update (latest news release) –

NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency) update (news release) –

Radioactivity level: by prefecture, time series data´╝łGraph) & drinking water –

Radioactivity level: drinking water
 –  –

Radioactivity level: fishery products –

Earthquake Info in English (wiki) –

Multilingual web resource: –

Fukushima Nuclear Accident and Nuclear Power 101: –



A young Japanese girl sends the US Navy an email –

A good place to find great info., stories etc. about Japan –


To take a minute away from (y)our troubles and look at some of my Japan photos:




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