Fernando Botero opening of Via Crucis 27 Oct 2011 NYC Marlborough Gallery

How often do you get to be in the presence of artisitic greatness? The MAN, the artist, still alive, at his own reception mingling with the both the 99% and the 1%! 

Ok – so call me a groupie but I had to take photos and video of Botero at the reception. He is nearing 80 and has the vitality of someone half his age. Oh and the treatment of the subject – Via Crucis (Latin for The Way of the Cross), is beyond words. Picture if you will the Passion of Christ brought to your neighborhood; the Bario, the village or even Central Park. 

If you are in NYC between now and 2 Dec — a must at the Marlborough Gallery.


Botero – Jesus and the Crowd

Fernando Botero at Via Crucis exhibit reception in NYC 27 Oct 2011 (Video: Orlando Camargo)




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