Showa meets Heisei for breakfast – Roppongi Hills: Hills Breakfast 25 April 2011

I recently had the great fortune of being invited to speak at a breakfast with some pretty amazing thinkers and doers. Being in the presence of people who have helped build and continue to inspire Japan and the world is always humbling.

The audience, members of the Roppongi Hills: Hills Breakfast community, came to hear us give our views on Japan post-March 11. I spoke about my volunteer activity in Ibaraki and encouraged younger Japanese in the audience to go out and do something, anything  – that can help themselves and the country move forward.


I am particularly taken by the common thought that the events of March 11 mean very different things for the speakers who actually experienced the immediate aftermath of Post-World War 2 Japan versus those in the audience who are closer to the Heisei period of abundance and plenty.

The content is in Japanese.


Junichiro Takahashi of Keio Universty,          Eiko Oya the famous TV commentator and one of my heros

 Akinobu Kojima formerly of the Nikkei Newspaper,        Takeo Shiina of IBM Japan

James Hollow President of Alien Eye and fellow Showa Gaijin


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