On football, New York, New England, Napoleon, Waterloo and Coca Cola Bears

A delightful note I received this morning from my college professor and life mentor:

“Nearly 200 years ago, June 18, 1815, Napoleon and his troops faced the British and Prussians at a small town just south of Brussels, Belgium called Waterloo. By sundown the resurrected Emperor of France was defeated and would be sent into exile on St. Helena Island in the Atlantic.

Some few years ago a boy was born and raised in Waterloo, New York, just west of Seneca Falls. Tom Coughlin played football at Waterloo High School where the football stadium is now named after him. He would go on to play with the Syracuse University team, along with Ernie Davis and others, which would win the national championship by defeating Texas in the Cotton Bowl. He would go on to play and coach in the National Football League.

Last night the New England Patriots “met their Waterloo” at Indianapolis where they were defeated in a Super Bowl Game against the New York Giants and their coach Tom Coughlin which went down to the last seconds. Tom has now coached two Super Bowl Champions, and believe me when I say that, along with New York City fans, Waterloo is in a state of ecstatic celebration. 

Needless to say, there are no plans afoot to exile Tom Brady or any of the players, coaching staff or owners of the New England Patriots. There will be another year for all concerned, even if the white bears give up on pushing CocaCola to the tune of three and one-half million dollars per minute.”

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