Photo Exhibition Mon 5-19 Mar JAPAN: Pretty People – Yeah! Orlando Camargo Photography in NYC

As we approach one year since the earthquake I wanted to do something to give back and express both camaraderie and commitment to the many people who have made my 27 years in Japan so life-affirming. Looking at my photo archives, I decided to exhibit everyday life in Japan to my fellow New Yorkers and invite them to join in expressing solidarity. 

The theme ‘Pretty People’ is inspired by the band Monkey Majik’s song of the same name.

The photos will be on sale. A portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to ongoing earthquake relief efforts.

Please join me either on opening night 5 March for a reception on the Upper East Side or stop by the Bistro between then and 19 March. 

The owners of the restaurant will extend a 10% discount off your total meal price if you print out and bring the attached post card. 


(Image 1 – Postcard front)


(Image 2 – Potscard Back)


(Image 3 – Flyer)


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