Digital and social disruption transforms traditional marketing – bring on the journalists?

Altimeter Group has a great piece, Content: The New Marketing Equation. Why Organizations Must Rebalance about how digital and social disruption causes organizational change. The report drives the message home that content marketing, driven by digital and social media, transforms brands into media companies. With this is the need to rethink marketing communications to adopt to new technologies and job functions. From the report:

Emerging digital technologies, platforms, and channels now enable any brand to function as a media company with very real advantages: building branding, awareness, trust, purchase intent, and word-of-mouth, as well as lowering acquisition costs and increasing engagement with target audiences. Customers are tuning out advertising (emphasis mine) as they go online to research purchases; interact with brands; and seek out news, entertainment, and inspiration. Marketers can serve customers and prospects with content through every phase of awareness, branding, intent, conversion, and customer service. Yet, unlike advertising, content initiatives are continual rather than episodic, placing new demands not just on marketing organizations, but also across the enterprise as a whole.

Getting organizational buy-in for investment in a content-driven, digital and social-savvy marketing organization is never easy, especially when it comes from the marketing department where so often in the past advertising spend was measured and reported in ways that were not always convincing to senior management.

Yet to effectively market with content, organizational change and transformation must be driven from the top level of the organization. Left to the marketing department alone, success is limited.

What really struck me was the next sentence:

New skills must be developed – both in digital technologies and in job functions – that are more aligned with the responsibilities found at a newspaper, magazine, or broadcaster than in classic marketing functions.

How about that!? What is needed to be effective in the modern day marketing organization in fighting the onslaught of digital and social media is traditional journalist skill sets.

Maybe this disruption thing ain’t so bad?



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