McKinsey online article re: Japanese M&A – Global Japan’s key ingrediant

I enjoyed reading the McKinsey piece on Japan’s latest efforts in global M&A. At the center of the debate should be how effectively Japanese companies can both cultivate and attract a global workforce that will help them stay relevant. My comments on the article: A yen for global growth: The Japanese experince in cross-barder M&A appear below:

The ‘change agents’ you refer to are the risk-taking and motivated Japanese and foreign employees who will make the difference between success and failure. Some will be from Japanese backgrounds—sharp and yet willing to be the nail that sticks out among their countrymen. Others will be an eclectic mix of ‘foreigner’ colleagues who will help build and grow these Global Japan companies. These people exist, both young and old, within the Archipelago and in cities in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. They get it, they are restless, and they want to see a Japan that leads and innovates.


Photo: Japanese Graduates © 2012 Orlando Camargo

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